Our Team

This is our team. Hear us roar. Rar.

Mark McCorkle

Mark McCorkle

Owner / Lead Developer

Mark has been designing and developing mobile apps and games since the day the App Store® went live. He is passionate about achieving a balance between UI / UX and is knowledgable in all things IT.

David Childs

David Childs

Media / Graphics

David has an eye for what “pops” to clients. He has a robust understanding of all things Adobe. Bad UI makes him cringe and recognizing brand confusion is one of his specialties.

Join the edibu team

We are always looking for talented people interested in joining our small team. Give us a ring or contact us anytime to chat!

Unity 3D/2D Developer

  • Unity Developer
  • Experience with 2D and 3D game pipelines
  • Has a firm understanding of Unity scripting
  • Can work with a design team
  • Wants to be part of our upcoming Stank Cloud game and animated series

Cross Platform Developer

  • ionic / Cordova / React Native
  • Proficient in git (Gitlab)
  • Has deployed apps to the App Store
  • Can work with a design team
  • Understands native code but realizes the important of cross-platform

Want to join our team?

If you’re not lame and want to join a small team of passionate developers, hit us up. Bring hot sauce.