Mobile App Development

Native iOS / Android Apps, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Website Design & Hosting Services

WordPress, Responsive Design, Custom Designs

Experienced Consulting Services

Bring your team up to speed with the latest best practices and trends in the industry

Company Branding

Logo, Flyers, Company Theme, Design Guides, Marketing Materials

Who are we and how can we help?

We’re a small web /  mobile app development team located in Longwood, FL right off of 434. We are one of the few development companies with a physical location so you can actually sit with us face to face. Our team has been creating mobile apps and websites for over a decade and understands what’s needed for success. We believe in delivering a quality product, on-time, and give frequent status updates on our development cycle. We utilize Agile in-house and use a wide variety of tools to ensure our client’s satisfaction.  We’ve written and managed multiple mobile apps and websites for mom and pop small businesses as well as large healthcare companies. No job is too large or too small. This is what we love to do.

Mobile App Development

Our Team has been designing and developing mobile apps since the first day the App Store went live.

Web Design

We design, develop and manage performant, responsive websites to meet any type of business needs so you can compete.


Consulting Services

We realize research takes time and it’s simply not feasible for many organizations to keep up with every trend and best practice. Let our team assist your team in getting the head start they deserve.

Edibu mobile app development
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Website Design, Maintenance & SEO Optimization
A simple website is easy. Making your website rank on Google against competitors takes hard work.

If the pipe isn't quick, the site definitely won't be.

We utilize only the fastest cloud based hosting platforms available such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean droplets 💧. The website’s responsive speed plays a major factor in how well Google and other search engines will rank your site. If the site isn’t quick it’ll be much more difficult to ever reach the 1st page on Google searches.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

You hear a ton about it, but what is it and what can be done to achieve higher scores? You have 2 options.

  1. Learn about how search engines rank sites based on page content and stay up to date on the latest software changes then apply those skills on a near daily basis so you don’t get left behind.
  2. Let an Internet Mechanic handle it! Some people choose to work on their own cars but when it comes to rebuilding the motor it’s best left to a pro. We eat, sleep, and breath this stuff. We assure you’ll be getting the best techniques and tools for the job to insure the best results.

More now than ever, hackers are attempting to gain access to sites and personal information. If you leave your front door unlocked you are just asking for bad things to happen. Just take a look at and you’ll see what I mean. We take security very seriously and do everything we can to ensure out servers are locked down and immediately patched if exploits are ever found. This is a full time job and the experts in this field earn the respect they deserve.

Norse Realtime Attack Map

Norse Realtime Attack Map


Mobile App Development
Native / Cross-Platform App Development All Popular Devices

Edibu iOS Devices

Xcode Native Code
Visual Studio Code Native Code

We prefer native code using the latest IDE and tools for each platform although we are more than capable of developing cross-platform, web-based solutions when applicable.

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Professional Consulting Services
Sometimes advice and direction are the only missing pieces to success

Let our team’s knowledge, help your team

We realize this is an ever-changing world we live in and we realize many times it’s just not feasible for a team to research best practices and trends. We’ve had the benefit of seeing the inner workings of many successful teams and understand many times a little more planning can save hundreds of hours and frustration.

Security & Compliance

PCI, HIPAA, and other compliances shouldn’t be a scary time for your team to deal with. We have been fortunate enough to work in the healthcare industry, including Point of Sale systems, so we have a very good grasp of the technical requirements.

Reassurance Our Team Is On Track

We’ll be honest, there are times when we simply have verified the direction the team was on was also our suggestion and sometimes confirmation is all a team needs to be confident with their goals. However, most of the time we find teams need a little more guidance and assistance in bringing them up to date with current technologies and methodologies.

On-Time Delivery

Is your team looking considering utilizing Agile to better convert delivery times? Are you looking for a cleaner workflow for your versioning control system? We realize there are no perfect solutions for any teams problems, but we can help explain the pros and cons of what we have experienced with both failing and thriving teams in order to ensure a quality, on-time product.