Mark discusses Apple’s new App Store Connect Automation REST API for developers.

Mark McCorkle Edibu Owner Edibu Team

Finally, REST API for App Store Connect (aka iTunesConnect)

Last week we discussed Fastlane and how it has been a valuable tool used at edibu. This year at WWDC Session 303, Apple gave us a glimpse of what to expect from their development tool to speed up every day development needs. Now developer are able to send standard JSON to (when it’s working) and make updates to AppStoreConnect users, edit roles and much more. If you haven’t checked out the session, definitely go check it out.


App Store Connect Automation Session 303 WWDC 18

App Store Connect Automation REST API

App showed us a few features and a s simple demo of the API. Here are a few key areas they went over. Everything is handled thru a very familiar format if you’re comfortable consuming standard RESTful apis. I love the idea and hope App Store automation has many more surprises to come. Keep the awesome tools coming, Apple! Thank you!

Send standard get, post, patch, delete etc. to request App Store Connect users, update their roles, delete users, etc. The new api can also be used to retrieve reports using the mature Reporter service. Below are a few key areas Apple went over during their presentation which give you a good idea of where their heads are at as well as where the API is headed in the near future.

  • Standards-based
  • Getting data
  • Changing data
  • Relationships
  • Errors
  • Access and authentication
  • Best practices



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