A Mobile, App Development Company | RV Based App & SEO Management

2020 was a tough year to say the least. I shutdown our storefront and purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS. I have done a lot of modifications and will gladly share all of those for those who are interested. (Not just technical but also mechanical things such as sway bars, suspension, etc.) Creating Mobile Apps from a Mobile, App Development Studio. Priceless.

Edibu Coffee Foxtail Coffee RV Mobile App Development Company
Edibu First Mobile App Development Company

Working From an RV or Motorhome

What can I say, it’s AWESOME! I can literally bring the product to my clients and showcase progress. Another massive advantage is the ability to fully do real-world testing on our popular RV Intelligence smartRVcontrols products. These are the 12v smart RV Bluetooth modules that control awnings, slides, jacks, lights and more, all from your smartphone.

Website SEO Management

Now more than ever, your website’s SEO is very important. With many companies eliminating their storefronts and taking on a 100% online pretense, you NEED good SEO for your website. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do and how we can make your brand rank #1 on google.

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What’s the Best Part About a RV Based App Development Company?

Simple. Family. I can now travel around, be inspired by all the great views our wonderful United States has to offer while enjoying time with my most precious possession, family. Being there for my little girl, watching her grow up, has been a major factor in my motivation to create a RV based business. Now I can enjoy the two things I love most, my family and my passion, my Mobile, App Development Company.

And yes… David and I still work together. We just now work remotely. I do miss the office we had but maybe we can revisit that once things settle down out there 😉