edibu teamwork

A good team helps to…

  • understand the customer or end user
  • drive yourself to do better
  • keep everyone motivated
  • bounce ideas off one another continuously
  • focus and work towards a common goal
  • develop a vision
  • recognize problems before they arise
  • fix problems when they do arise
  • keep the innovation going
  • spark creativity
  • increase learning
  • expose you to new ideas, music and art
  • they’ll spawt typoes befoe u pooblish
  • make the company organic
  • act as a target when an all out Nerf war breaks out
  • give a good reason to leave to get a coffee
  • share skills
  • build trust and camaraderie
  • increase accountability
  • practice collaboration
  • increase morale
  • enhance communication
  • help others
  • provide support
  • build commitment
  • lower stress under stressful time constraints
  • be effective
  • do something amazing
  • create synergy
  • challenge you
  • build a less hierarchal relationship with one another
  • pick up slack when someone is less productive than normal
  • adapt to change
  • learn respect
  • make work pleasant

The list goes on and on. The importance of a good team can’t be stressed enough. The size of the team, location, collaboration methodologies and more also come into play but the important thing to remember here is you’ll be spending a lot of time with your team (in many cases more than your family) so choose a team where you know you can fit in and the experience will be life changing for everyone. Your product will reflect it, your customers will recognize it and most importantly, work will feel more like an accomplishment rather than a complete waste of time. Work is not play, but it doesn’t have to outright suck either.


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