Edibu, LLC is now open for business!

We are excited to be able to bring the team’s skills to the general public. Our passion to innovate and design great products has led us to opening our own development / design studio. The Edibu team is currently led by founder / President Mark McCorkle and David Childs.

Mark McCorkle has been in IT for over 25 years and has been developing mobile applications since day 1 of the mobile App Stores. He has a passion for cutting edge technologies while delivering a quality product. He currently is the mobile app developer / manager for Transaction Data Systems, Inc., the developer of the leading pharmacy software management system called Rx30.

David Childs is an extremely talented artist with a robust background in UI / UX, marketing and graphics. David Childs is our Lead Designer at Edibu. Whether it be raster, 3D, vector art, etc. this is the man to make it happen.

Mark and David currently develop and manage multiple products and projects at Transaction Data Systems, Inc. as well as branding for multiple companies owned by Transaction Data Systems, Inc.. This opportunity has brought them a lot of experience in the medical industry and independent pharmacy market. HIPAA compliance, PCI security and numerous other certifications give them a great understanding of what it takes to properly secure a product while maximizing privacy for the end user and company alike.

Our widely used BowlSheet® bowling scoring app has been on the App Store for 10+ years and is the leading scoring app used by the NCAA, High School, Collegiate and numerous other coaches, students and serious bowlers. Our team will soon be offering a major expansion to the BowlSheet® product line due out soon. This includes an online user portal as well as merchandise and greater collaboration.


-The Edibu Team